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Our High Quality Pool Building Service in Cairns

Swimming Pools are a must-have especially when the Cairns heat strikes during summer. We deliver and design exquisite and professional pool building services in Cairns. In addition to quality construction, we also have design services that will leave you in awe. We don’t just offer the finest construction and eye-catching designs, we offer them at competitive rates!
Pool Builders Cairns will make sure that you get what you pay for with services that are done well.
We have an amazing team of expert pool builders who will guide you through and assist you with your needs.
We aim to be the best in our field but we also want to be known for giving our clients outstanding service.
Wherever you are in Cairns, we are here to serve you and assist you with your pool building needs. Contact us today and let’s discuss further.

Our Swimming Pool List of Services

High Quality Inground Pools Cairns in North Queensland

Do you want to customise your pool size or shape? We can do that! Contact us through our website and let’s discuss your preferences further so we can give you a quote.

High Quality Concrete Pools Cairns In North Queensland

If you are a homeowner and you want to install a pool on your property, no problem! Concrete pools are the best choice if you want to customise the design and complement your property’s aesthetic. Just give us an idea of what you want and we’ll make it happen!

By choosing us to construct your pool, you can be confident that your pool will be of the finest quality, constructed in compliance with the Australian Standards.

High Quality Lap Pools Cairns In North Queensland

Lap pools are narrower in width and have an extended length designed for swimming back and forth along the length. If you have a backyard with small space or narrow passage, this would be the best fit for you. It’s not just space-saving but also a great aesthetic to your property! Most modern homes opt for lap pools, too.

High Quality Designer Pools Cairns In North Queensland

If you want an extra flair to give your pool an artistic touch, we can make that happen for you, too! Let’s have a discussion and make a detailed plan on your design preferences. We can give you our best recommendations if you don’t have an idea yet. You can also check out our gallery for inspiration.

Send us a message and let us take one step further to the pool of your dreams.

Send us a message and let us take one step further to the pool of your dreams.

Our Stages of Pool Building

Constructing A New Pool for You From Start To Finish

You might be wondering by now, what are the steps that we take when constructing a pool? Here are the phases that we go through when building pools from start to finish:

Stage 1: Permit Acquisition

We have to get all the paperworks ready in order to acquire the pool construction permits. To do that, we’ll draft all the details of the plan and submit them to the Council for approval and afterwards, submit your Watertight Completion Insurance to SPASA.

Stage 2: Digging

We’ll then schedule an excavation. Heavy machinery and specialised tools are used to dig the pool.

Stage 3: Securing Steel Bars

An ironworker will then be coming to position and secure the steel bars and mesh to strengthen and aid the concrete. This will involve bending and shaping the steel to specifically engineer your pool design requirements.

This stage will also include making sure that there are plumbing and electrical provisions. Plumbing maintains the circulation and filtration system for clear water and easy maintenance. This is where the main drainer will be installed as well as other water features like jets.

Stage 4: Concrete

Our staff will then place and sculpt pressurized concrete according to your preferred shape. It will be shaped with our specialised equipment. Afterwards, a time should be allotted in allowing the concrete to set.

Stage 5: Plumbing

Since provisions have been made for plumbing, our staff will then run all lines from the pool externally after you’ve chosen where you would like it to be situated.

Stage 6: Landscaping

Here, our team will landscape the surrounding pool area with tiles or other flooring based on your preferred design. This will also include the installation of the coping around the pool edge. Expansion joints are then installed to hold parts together or to allow movement due to seismic activity. If you want to add additional paving outside the pool coping, that is also possible.

Stage 7: Barrier Inspection

You may need to get a fence approval after the plumbing and landscaping by a licensed pool fence inspector. Once your barrier has complied with the applicable barrier standard and passed the inspection, inform us as soon as possible so we can proceed to the next step.

Stage 8: Interior's Start to Finish

After fencing your pool, your pool can now be pebbled. The process involves mixing hydraulic cement and polished stone pebbles. Then, pebble mix is sprayed on the surface and the interior is hand trowelled to a smooth finish. After a specific period of time, the interior is water blasted to reveal the top layer of pebbles. The following day, we will then acid wash the interior and begin filling the pool. It is important to let water fill the pool until it reaches the coping or there will be a ring at the water line.

Stage 9: Start-Up

During this stage, it is expected that your pool is ready to be used and it’s full. But before that, we are going to make sure that it is functioning well and that the water chemistry is balanced. We’ll also make sure that it is clean and the filter and chlorinator have been started up.

Stage 10: Handover

Everything is set and you are now ready to dive in your swimming pool! But the last stage would include setting up a schedule for us to go all over the pool equipment maintenance and care instructions. This is an essential stage that you should never miss to further enjoy your pool for many years to come.