Infinity Pools

Infinity Pool builders in cairns

Be one with the horizon and revel in the spectacular scenery with a disappearing edge

These knife edge pools have recently become widely popular in Cairns due to its panoramic views and luxurious feel. It is designed to make it seem like there’s no separation between the water and the landscape, like you are one with nature.

Sometimes referred to as disappearing edge or negative edge, infinity pools are a great way to relax and emit the atmosphere of being in a resort. It’s a stunning aesthetic addition to your home. Our pool builders will see to it that what you’re envisioning comes to life.

This pool works best on an appropriate setting like a site with a significant drop off or properties set on a sloping block. So if you’re planning to be one with the horizon and revel in the spectacular view, have Pool Builders Cairns materialize the infinity pool of your dreams!

The innovative possibilities are within your reach! That’s why if you opt for Pool Builders Cairns, we are going to make sure that you get what you want by providing a variety of customisable options from the colour to the kind of stone used and measurement. Just say the word and we’ll make it happen!

Send us a message today and let’s plan out your infinity pool.