Resort Inspired Pool Builders

Get your private getaway in the comfort of your own home

Pool Builders Cairns pride ourselves with our top-notch resort-inspired pools in Cairns. These pools are leaning more towards upscaling the landscaping elements used in order to give off the vibe of being on a getaway at a resort. So a tropical ambiance can be expected. Making use of natural pieces such as ornamental grasses, rocks, aquatic vegetation or even the modern trend of using gazebos can be an example of how we can transform your backyard into a cool and relaxing space.

Light features, temperate control and waterfalls and fountains can definitely add to the aesthetic appeal, too. You don’t have to have a wide space to get the resort vibe, we are here to make it happen!

Our experienced and qualified team will make sure to achieve the design that you want. Feel free to add in some features, too. We are quite versatile with our customisations. If you also want to know about our building process, check out the stages that we go through in constructing your dream pool.


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